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MKSP stakeholders workshop, 05 Mar 2014 at Raybag

Since the inception of MKSP project at Raybag in Nov 2013, the IDF Team in Raybag has been involved in a number of activities that include MKSP goal-setting, identifying CRP’s, conducting family survey, street plays and educating the rural community on the formation of SHG’s. In continuation to its ongoing activities, this workshop was conducted to provide information regarding

(1) Introduction on SHG formation. Role of women SHG’s in village development (2) Awareness to the audience on the implementation of various activities under MKSP such as women and child nutrition, agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fisheries, water conservation and agro forestry. 

Around 75 participants including Community Resource Persons, Women farmers, Innovative and entrepreneurial farmers, GP presidents and ex-presidents, line dept heads and bank authorities in the workshop.  

The program started off with Chief Guest Shri S.B. Bisthe (Manager, Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank, Raybag) and other dignitaries watering the sugarcane seedling which came across as a novel approach.  A short film was shown on MKSP, which outlined the various dimensions covered under the program.

An Interactive session by Sri G.M. Deshpande, Executive Trustee (IDF) and Srikanth S P (Project Head-MKSP, Raybag) was conducted where many farmers posed their questions, doubts and apprehensions regarding the program and its benefits which were very well clarified by the organizers. To improvise our strategies, feedback/suggestions through moderation cards distributed to each of the participants.

 The workshop ended with Presidential remarks by the Chief Guest, Sri. S.B. Bisthe followed by  interaction among the IDF team and participants including CRPs.


Chief Guest and other dignitaries watering the seedling

Chief Guest and other dignitaries watering the seedling



Shri S. B Bisthe addressing the audience

Sri S. B Bisthe addressing the audience

Discussion between the IDF staff and the CRP's

Discussion between the IDF staff and the CRP’s