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Release of the Kannada version of the book “Financial Literacy for Poor Women”

Financial literacy is especially essential for the SHG members for effective management of SHGs. For capacity building of SHGs the facilitators need a hands-on guide on Financial Literacy.

Indian School of Microfinance for Poor Women (ISMW), an Ahmadabad based organization, had brought out six booklets entitled Financial Literacy for Poor Women in English. This has been translated into Kannada by Initiatives for Development Foundation, Bangalore with financial assistance from NABARD, Bangalore.

The Kannada version was released by Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Das of ISMW in a simple function at NABARD regional office, Bangalore held on 01 September 2010. The function was chaired by Dr. Venkatesh Tagat, CGM, NABARD. Representatives from women SHGs, NGOs working among poor women and senior executives of NABARD attended.